Rock Climbing Specialist

We are seeking dynamic women to role model their skill and technical climbing competence in this (all too often male-dominated) sport.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Set up climbs and/or a rappel site with institutional standards of safety
  • Teach and/or oversee belay school, all related skills & set group tone
  • Manage group, assess risks and ensure that GirlVentures’ safety procedures are practiced and communicated (includes oversight of all safety briefings with the Instructor Team)
  • Make age and skill level appropriate decisions concerning itinerary and weather conditions in collaboration of Instructor Team
  • In the case of an evacuation, support the decisions of Instructional Team and Course Director
  • Provide feedback to Course Director or Program Director when appropriate
  • Collaborate with instructional staff to frame the climbing day/s and debrief the day in ways that promote GirlVentures’ mission


  • Proven competence and experience as a Rock Climbing Site Manager for groups in an established outdoor program. AMGA/PCGI/PCIA certification a plus.
  • Demonstrated risk management skills for group management and climbing activities
  • Must be able to lead climb at least 5’7” to set up some climbs
  • Current Wilderness First Responder preferred and current CPR
  • Ability and desire to collaborate with other staff
  • Reliability with a commitment to high quality program delivery
  • Desire to understand and work with the unique needs of girls, ages 11-15
  • Local knowledge of climbs in course areas a plus

Benefits & Compensation: 

Competitive salary and supportive working environment.

Positions are contracted based on need. Work is sporadic and thus easily fits around your other work, interests, and life pursuits.  Typical contracts are for 2-4 day courses within a four-hour drive from SF. Overnight accommodations and food included as applicable.

How To Apply:

Women of color are encouraged to apply. Interviews for summer instructors are typically in February & March every year.

Send cover letter, standard resume and technical resume to

If you do not have a Technical Resume you can download our template to create your own.