Los Altos Town Crier features GirlVentures

Campers from homes as far apart as Palo Alto and Petaluma form friendships on the expeditions, and a deliberate commitment to accessibility makes it an especially diverse group. GirlVentures offers an extensive library of everything from technical gear to basics that some families don’t stock - no long johns? No problem. Because the program also provides all transportation and food, and offers both scholarships and sliding-scale fees, it’s open to girls who otherwise might feel shut out from such an expedition.

After the intense bonding experience of two weeks in the wilderness, Hoffman said, girls form a strong sense of community, learning “how to be allies to one another, and find their individual and collective strengths.”
— Jane Ridgeway, Los Altos Town Crier

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Outdoor Adventure for Better Body Image

A study on GirlVentures alumna shows that we are having a positive effect on body image! A study in the Outdoor Journal of Recreation, Education and Leadership by Susie K. Barr-Wilson and Nina Roberts explores the positive influence of our instructors, other girls on course and connection with nature. 

"In contrast to the occasional harmful messages of mainstream culture, outdoor adventure programming can offer adolescent girls confidence and courage (Whittinton & Nixon Mack, 2010), physical competence and strength (Caulkins, White, & Russell 2006), relational skills (Sammet, 2010) and self-efficacy (Budbill, 2008)."

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