Our community of parents are equally invested in seeing the girls succeed individually and as a group. Check out their inspiring words!

Parent Testimonials

Anita, parent of Project Courage alumna

“Thanks again to you and your team for your wonderful work on behalf of the girls. This is very close to my heart: created and instructed by women, for future independent women. What a great opportunity for the girls to share, enjoy and experience the power of being a woman!”

Charlotte, parent of Transitions alumna

“I should let you and the GirlVentures organization know how greatly I appreciate the character building lessons and experiences gained through GirlVentures — physical and mental challenges, self-learning/awareness, self-reliance, group reliance/participation/dynamics — and am glad that there are opportunities for her continued participation.”

Edwina, parent of Project Courage and Girlz Climb On alumna

“I wanted to thank GirlVentures for allowing my daughter to participate in Girlz Climb On, it has transformed/motivated Maria beyond my expectations. She is so eager to work on climbing, to the point that I have taken her on several occasions to practice her skills – I have never seen her so motivated in any sport, prior to rock climbing, that has inspired her to practice so diligently.”


Alumae Testimonials


"My greatest accomplishments were making it to the top in rock-climbing, flipping over on a kayak, trusting myself, and not being afraid to show who I really am from the inside rather than just the outside." -Project Courage Participant

"I learned to speak up when there is something I want to say [and] I learned to really pay attention to how others are feeling." -Project Courage Participant

"Leadership is when a person stands up for what they believe in or, for their opinions in a certain situation, and takes action." -Project Courage Participant

"I should not judge people by their looks or size because you never would know what their background is." -Project Courage Participant

"you can cross all boundaries that are kind of hard for you to cross. You do it because you want to make yourself and other people proud of you." -Project Courage Participant


If you are one of our 3,800 alums, please send a note info@girlventures.org and tell her how GirlVentures has impacted your life.