A Poem from Redwood Adventure Rock Alumnae

I am smart, kind, loved and happy!

I wonder what my mom is doing right now and how she and my sister are?

I hear kids and the creek and I hear my mom’s voice.

I see tall redwoods, and my mom in my head.

I want my mom right now. I miss her a little.

I am awesome and kind and I am missing my mom.

I pretend to like to go take a mud bath.

I feel like I am flying, and I feel like I am being squished by big foot.

I touch my mom and I am hugging her as tightly as possible.

I worry that people will come and try to hurt me.

I cry when I think about my cat because he died!

I am strong, safe, helpful and caring.

I understand that I can sometimes be bossy.

I say that there is such thing as the rainbow bridge.

I dream that I will become a babysitter or an obstetrician.

I try to make myself appear as a good person.

I hope that my birth grandpa “papa” is okay right now.

I am a really helping hand and I am super kind to young and old children.

Susan, Age 11