Who Can Apply:

Female-identified and gender nonconforming youth entering 6th or 7th grade.

Redwood Adventure Course Description 

Redwood Adventure Rock  

June 27- July 3, 2018

2017 RA Rock 3.jpg

Redwood Adventure Coast

June 27- July 3, 2018

Registration for new students begins January 2, 2018.

2017 RA Coast 12.jpg

To ensure that all girls have the opportunity to participate in our programs, we offer sliding scale tuition.  Once a participant is accepted for a specific course, they and their family will self-select their household income range, tuition amount, and preferred payment plan.  We do not require proof of income.  We ask that families pay an amount within the recommended sliding scale for their income bracket, at minimum.  Selected tuition may be paid in up to four monthly installments. As a non-profit organization dedicated to providing equitable access to outdoor education, GirlVentures subsidizes the tuition of all participants.
Income    *        Sliding Scale
up to 25,000            $50-300
25,000-50,000        $200-400
50,000-75,000        $400-600
76,000-100,000    $600-800
100,000-125,000    $800-1000
125,000-150,000    $1000-1200
150,000-175,000    $1200-1400
175,000-200,000    $1400-1600
200,000+                 $1600+
*Numbers are based on 2016 HUD levels for San Francisco for a 4 person household.

Please review our Payment Policy before applying.