Risk Management

GirlVentures is committed to minimizing our exposure to risk. 

  • All of our field staff are at a minimum Wilderness First Aid.

  • Each course has two professional Instructors and at least one of them is certified as a Wilderness First Responder, an 80-hour training in backcountry medicine.

  • Our rock climbing specialists are trained and/or certified by PCGI (Professional Climbing Guides Institute) or an equivalent certifying agency. 

  • Emergency protocols are in place in case of an emergency and drills are conducted regularly.
  • Our course activities are age appropriate and are taught as a progression to gradually increase competency, confidence and readiness.

  • Our philosophy is a “challenge by choice” approach whereby girls choose and define their own challenge for the day. For example, girls choose their challenge when rock climbing. For some girls, achieving competence as a belayer is as valued as climbing the hardest climb. Girls’ rights and decisions will be respected, and no girl is ever forced or “talked into” doing something she does not want to do.

  • Group size is limited to 12.

  • All girls learn the basics in self care for living outdoors and receive briefings for all course activities.

  • Our core curriculum has intentional community building activities that emphasize cooperation, leadership and communication.

  • We strive for everyone to be heard and seen by listening to the needs and interests of each girl and each group, and adapting course content accordingly.

GirlVentures’ Risk Management Committee (RMC) follows industry standard risk management protocols, and collects, analyzes, and reviews all incident data seasonally. The committee has an representative mix of GirlVentures’ staff, board members and outside advisors who bring expertise in the relevant areas of legal counsel, medical/therapeutic practice and wilderness risk management. Under the direction of the Program Director, the RMC meets seasonally to review, discuss and recommend any changes that will increase program quality.