Corporate Match is a great way to maximize your contributions to GirlVentures including monetary donations and volunteer hours.

How to get a match from your employer:
1. Make your personal donation
2.  Fill out your company's form to have your donation matched, using GirlVentures' Tax ID: #94-3319189.
3. For questions or to obtain GirlVentures' 501(c)3 documentation, please contact

The future starts today.
Whether you contribute $5, $50, or $500, your sustained support means GirlVentures will be around to serve this generation of girls – and the next.

Will you become a Trailblazer by committing to making a monthly gift to GirlVentures?

Our Federal Tax ID # is 94-3319189. IRS Determination Letter

To learn more, call GirlVentures at (415) 864-0780.

GirlVentures will appear on your credit card or bank statement.


It’s been so wonderful to see the growth in confidence and self-esteem in my daughter, which is a direct credit to GirlVentures!
— Alexandria, parent