Enriching The Outdoor Narrative

Last fall, we reached out to Sarah, a previous Girls Climb On and Youth Advisory Board mentor, dear friend, visual artist, and activist about working with us to create a visual story that would capture the GirlVentures mission from the perspective of one of our participants. In a follow-up interview, Sarah shared what motivates her to tell stories that enlarge and enrich the outdoor narrative:

"It’s human nature to connect to the outdoors, whether that’s in a neighborhood park, a backyard, or a forest or the mountains. We all hold personal and cultural relationships to nature, but many underrepresented communities have been excluded and erased from the traditional “great outdoors” narrative.”

- Sarah

Read the rest of the Resource Media interview with Sarah here.

Watch our video here below or find it on our Youtube channel.

Sara shares her story with GirlVentures

Emily TeitsworthComment