On the Rise

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On The Rise is backpacking course for youth entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. This course is a 12-day backpacking expedition in the Inyo National Forest of the stunning Eastern Sierras. All gear, food, and transportation is provided.

While living together in a self designed community that reflects the values chosen by the group, students explore concepts such as trust, social justice, identity, and leadership in depth. Backpacking provides the format and structure through which young people can develop the physical, emotional, and social tools that help them be successful on this course and also with their families, schools and other groups.

Alumni from this course can apply to become Assistant Instructors for GirlVentures and/or join our Youth Advisory Board.

On the Rise Program Details

Please check back for details about On the Rise in 2020. Find the 2019 course description here.

Program Cost

To ensure that all girls have the opportunity to participate in our programs, we offer sliding scale tuition. Once a participant is accepted for a specific course, they and their family will self-select their household income range, tuition amount, and preferred payment plan. We do not require proof of income. We ask that families pay an amount within the recommended sliding scale for their income bracket, at minimum. Selected tuition may be paid in up to four monthly installments. As a non-profit, GirlVentures subsidizes the tuition of all participants.

Income | Sliding Scale

Up to $25,000 | $50-300

$25,000-50,000 | $300-600

$50,000-75,000 | $600-900

$76,000-100,000 | $900-1100

$100,000-125,000 | $1100-1500

$125,000-150,000 | $1500-2000

$150,000-175,000 | $2000-2500

$175,000-200,000 | $2500-3000

$200,000+ | $3000+

Please review our Payment Policy before applying.