GirlVentures Brand Launch

Because getting into nature, into their bodies, pushing their edges, having mentors and being vulnerable with other girls help young women become healthy, balanced and resilient people.

Because I can't imagine how girls could equitably access this kind of experience otherwise.

Because confident, secure women are the foundation for a healthy and just society.

Because girls need to understand that they are capable of the impossible. Nothing is impossible.


Dear friends,

The words above are yours. These are some of the reasons GirlVentures must exist – and thrive.

For 20 years, GirlVentures has been transforming the lives of girls in the Bay Area and beyond. The impact of our programs on participants, parents, alumnae, staff, our community and the environment is unmistakable.

And we have you to thank.

Throughout the past two decades, your enthusiasm and support have helped GirlVentures grow and develop much like the youth we serve. We’ve overcome obstacles, discovered our strengths, and opened to new possibilities.

We are now at an exciting point in our evolution. As we look to the future, we see an urgent need to advance inclusion, equity and representation in outdoor education. We recognize the historical exclusion of marginalized groups in outdoor exploration, the environmental industry, and the social sector as a whole. We believe that everyone, particularly women, people of color, indigenous people and gender expansive individuals, should have access to nature. And we want to provide ALL girls with opportunities for adventure and discovery.

It’s an ambitious goal. One we can only achieve by working together.

That’s why we turned to you.

Last summer, we asked you what you loved about GirlVentures and what we could improve, what was working and what wasn’t. Your feedback helped us assess our programs, our funding model and our approach. Your opinions about our mission, our vision and our branding informed new, progressive strategies.

I am thrilled to introduce a few to you today.

First, our mission. GirlVentures has long been credited with helping girls find confidence, creativity and community. It’s an honor to play such a role. But do not be mistaken – strength, self-reliance and courage exist within every girl. GirlVentures simply lights a spark to illuminate those qualities. Our new mission statement reflects our role as a catalyst: GirlVentures inspires girls to lead through outdoor adventure, inner discovery, and collective action.

Our mission manifests in our new logo. A circle, framing a scene in nature, offers an inclusive and welcoming image for all girls. The mountain reminds us of our personal ascent. It is both resolute and inspiring – like the strengths already within each one of us. Flowing water symbolizes change. Like our participants, it is a dynamic force, ever-changing and yet peaceful. Last, but certainly not least, a radiant sun represents the light within every girl we encounter, and the transformational power of working together. We are privileged to facilitate a journey that helps our participants shine brighter than ever before.

Over the next few weeks, you'll begin to see our progress come to life. I invite you to discover all the ways GirlVentures is evolving to inspire the next generation of leaders. And, of course, I hope you will continue to stand (hike, climb or paddle) with us through the next twenty years of our journey.

You can learn more about GirlVentures’ approach and commitment to inclusion here.

My sincere thanks for your ongoing support,

Emily Teitsworth
Executive Director, GirlVentures

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