Ever Considered Running for a Cause?

GirlVentures has been a cause of choice for runners from San Diego to New York City! We talked with two of our supporters about why they decided to run for GirlVentures and collected their tips for getting across the finish line.

Ruth Bender ran the TCS New York City Marathon in 2016 and  2017. She is a long time supporter of GirlVentures and a former member of the organization’s Board of Directors.

What inspired you to run for GirlVentures?

I had never run a marathon before, so running it felt like a huge challenge to me. In the same way, the GirlVentures courses are a huge challenge for the girls who participate.  (The race) would help me stretch my boundaries and step outside of my comfort zone, just as girls do on course.

Take more risks!

- Ruth Bender

What has running taught you?

Patience with myself, and that I can do something when I really set my mind to it.

What advice would you give your teen self?

Take more risks! Step outside your comfort zone as often as you can, because then that zone just expands and you become more comfortable doing so many things!

What is your favorite song to run to?

Old-school Madonna is my go-to running music. I did all of my training runs listening to books, but for the marathon itself I had my "Lucky Star" station on Pandora. I'm sure I was singing out loud far more often than I realized!

What advice would you give future GirlVentures runners?

Set your plan, and stick to it as best you can; but if you miss a day, or have a crummy day, don't give up. I wanted to cry sometimes when I had a really bad run that I thought should have been easy. But then the next day I'd have a really good run!

Nancy Torres ran the Washington D.C. Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon. She was our first runner in 2018 and a new supporter of GirlVentures.


Running has taught me resilience & 


- Nancy Torres

What inspired you to run for GirlVentures?

I'm passionate about girls and women's empowerment, particularly as it relates to confidence building and greater social awareness. I love that GirlVentures focuses on these skills through the context of outdoor adventures.

What has running taught you?

Running has taught me resilience and patience. Many things in life can be compared to a marathon. Going through the process of training for a race and then taking the race one step at a time has helped me adopt the same mindset for difficult life challenges outside of running.

What advice would you give your teen self?

I would tell myself to surround myself with people who support my dreams, inspire me and ultimately lift me higher.

Now that you are up to speed and motivated, are you interested in joining the GirlVentures team?

We are always recruiting for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series (all distances) and we have a few spaces left for the iconic TCS New York Marathon both happening in November!

Find more information on our Marathons page. Secure your bib by emailing albia@girlventures.org.