Meet Our Team: Yasmine Alyousfi

Yasmine Alyousfi is GirlVentures’ summer 2017 intern and a senior at UC Davis, studying Linguistics and Communications. She is interested in social justice and empowerment of minority communities, especially how we address these issues and use language and spaces to give voice to the voiceless. Eating is one of her favorite pastimes and trying new foods is her favorite adventuring activity. Apart from eating her way through vacations, she loves the solace and self-discovery that nature offers. She is going on her first real camping trip after her internship, and she is excited to be able to experience the outdoors in a way that was very much inspired by GirlVentures.

How did you learn about GirlVentures and why did you decide to become an intern with us?

I learned about GirlVentures through a conference I attended aimed at inspiring young women to get involved in politics. I looked through the list of participating organizations and GirlVentures caught my eye. I realized how awesome the organization was and how closely it aligned with my views on the outdoors and the importance of accessibility. After talking with Brice (aka the coolest Director of Development and Marketing) [Ed: we agree!], I knew I had to get involved and what better way than by interning for a non-profit that combines the outdoors, empowerment for young girls and a kickass staff.

What's been your favorite project this summer?

My favorite project this summer was the outreach I was doing to build community partnerships because I learned that your community will be there to lift you up. The organizations I contacted were just as excited to partner with GirlVentures and see what we could create together.

How do you plan on applying what you've learned with GirlVentures in school or your career?

Everything I learned at GirlVentures I can apply to school, my future career and even life. Multitasking and being open to helping others are valuable skills I learned while at GirlVentures and I know I will need them anywhere I go. But, I will have to say that the overall environment and quirky office routines are things I’m going to miss and look for in my future career.

What inspires and motivates you?

Family and community. These two things are the reasons I'm interested in the improvement and empowerment of minority groups. My family is my number one inspiration because my parents alone have been through so much and their continuous hard work motivates me to stay dedicated and humble.

If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?

I love this question because it's characteristic of the fun, sometimes silly and always-inclusive environment I experienced at GirlVentures. I would be a kiwi because I might seem a little weird and apprehensive at first, but once I open up, I’m really easy to talk to and fun.


Emily TeitsworthComment